H A P P Y H O U R at Hollywood Fringe

USE Happy Hour Front (ArnoldFinal)
Charissa J. Adams is making her Hollywood Fringe Festival debut, playing Rose in the world premier of H A P P Y  H O U R  a play about growing up + a mini orchestra.

Happy hour is the best, except when it’s not. Rose isn’t ready to say goodbye, Kevin thinks he’s found “the one,” Cora can’t get a break and everyone else just wants to keep drinking. Multiple stories interweave as late-20-somethings struggle to be satisfied, find happiness and keep drinking…all in front of a live mini-orchestra.

A collaboration with The Venice Symphony Orchestra, Happy Hour is a 60 minute ensemble piece with a live music score. The happy hour at a local bar becomes a metaphor for that transitional time in life when you start to question everything and dreams feel more like delusions than destinies. A dramedy about the simple everyday struggle to stay hopeful.

Asylum @ Studio C
6448 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90068June 6th @ 7pm – SOLD OUT
June 12th @ 7:30PM – SOLD OUT
June 18th @ 5pm
June 24th @ 11:55pm

Tickets $12 (Click Here to Purchase)