Creator Spotlight

By Lenka Silhanova

We live in wonderful times when actors can take their careers in their own hands by creating content and getting it in front of people thanks to social media. I’ve decided to create a series of interviews featuring creators whose work I admire and from whom actors can learn how it’s done.

My first guest is Charissa J. Adams, whom I discovered a few years ago. Her 100 days of Fractured Shakespeare caught my attention and I loved it so much I’ve seen all of the clips and looked forward to a new one every day. Her project inspired me to create one of my own, The Double Agent Diaries, for Bonnie Gillespie’s Self-Tape Challenge which got me a video presenting gig that led to a job offer at a digital agency which was the inception of my social media career. The lesson here? Work leads to work and you just never know where it’s going to take your career.

I’m so happy Charissa agreed to be the first creator to be interviewed and I hope you enjoy her story and content as much as I do.

Read the interview here…

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