SPEAK I WILL at Hollywood Fringe 2019


WINNER of the Hollywood Fringe ENCORE PRODUCERS’ AWARD 2019!

In 2017, Fractured Shakespeare released a short film on the subject of consent, “Was it Rape, Then?” which was featured in Huffpost, Bustle, Stage Raw, and Shakespeare Magazine. Now they are bringing that text (and more!) to their first stage production, entitled SPEAK I WILL, premiering at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019.

Shakespeare’s Words. Our Truth.
By piecing together some of the Bard’s most famous texts, the performers create their own unique Fractured Shakespeare monologues. Don’t miss Fractured Shakespeare as they combine the words of Beatrice, King Lear, Lady Macbeth, Henry V, Katherina “The Shrew” and more, to explore issues of gender, power, identity, and love.

Performances @ Studio C: 6448 Santa Monica Blvd.
June 8, 3:30pm
June 16, 7:00pm
June 21, 11:00pm
June 29, 12:00pm
June 30, 6:30pm
July 19, 9:30pm – ENCORE Performance

Tickets: http://hff19.org/6194

Production Team:
Charissa J. Adams – Producer, Creator, Cast
Colleen Carey – Cast
Christina Gray – Cast
Hazel Lozano – Cast
Mercedes Maria – Cast
Jessica Erin Martin – Director, Speech Coach
Benjamin McFadden – Director
Rebekah Patti – Cast
Elena Maria Sanchez – Cast
Carly D. Weckstein – Director
Bryn Wickerd – Cast