My LA Reading List

Over my time in LA, I kept hearing about these books that “I should read” so I started making a list. Here is my upcoming reading wish list!

“At Left Brain Turn Right” by Anthony Meindl.
I was able to audit one of Anthony’s classes while I was in LA and was so intrigued by his philosophy. He teaches a non-“method” type of working. From the his studio’s website: “‘keep it simple’… NO ‘sense memory’, NO ‘mask work’, NO ‘objectives on the line’! Just YOU living TRUTHFULLY in imaginary circumstances, completely IN THE MOMENT.” Can’t wait to explore his philosophy more!


“Book The Job” by Doug Warhit.
I also audited Doug Warhit’s class while I was in LA. While I was waiting for class to start, I was able to flip through this book. It was chock full of very practical advice for every actor.


“Making It In Hollywood” by Scott Sedita.
To my knowledge, Scott doesn’t offer audits of his classes, but both of the following books were highly recommended to me. His niche is teaching comedy.


“The Eight Characters of Comedy” by Scott Sedita.


“Acting is Everything” by Judy Kerr.
Judy’s book was highly recommended to me by Bonnie Gillespie (who also wrote a wonderful book on the business of acting, which I have read already and you have to read, called “Self-Management for Actors.”)


“Truth in Comedy: The Manuel of Improvisation” by Kim Howard Johnson.
This one was recommended in my Upright Citizen’s Brigade Improv 101 class. Can’t wait to read it!


“How to get the part…. without falling apart” by Margie Haber.
I was able to attend an orientation for Margie Haber’s class and was also intrigued by her philosphy: “Stop acting! Live the life.” Her classes are highly lauded, especially for perfecting your auditioning technique. She’s taught Brad Pitt, Heather Locklear, Kelly Preston, many more, and (one of my favorites) Mariska Hargitay.


So, yes…. can’t wait to get started!

(… Hey, my birthday is coming up!…*hint*hint*)