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You may have seen a few of my posts about a new multi-platform reality show, The Reel Deal. I have been in the audition process for a few months now.

  1. First, every contestant made a personality video. From those videos, I was picked to be a Semi-Finalist.
  2. The Semi-Finalists had to do at least one callback audition. From those, they chose the Finalists, and now …
  3. I AM A FINALIST!!!!! So, now it’s up to YOU…. Click Here to get me on THE REEL DEAL!!!

You have until MAY 15th to VOTE me on the show! The Reel Deal participants will be announced MAY 22nd!!! So, stay tuned!

For more information:

  • Here to read a new press release all about it!
  • Here is a blog I wrote about my journey.