Finding the Right Teacher

A couple years ago, when I first arrived in LA I audited a whole bunch of classes and wrote a wish list of the ones that interested me the most. Then, last year I was able to take Annie Grindlay’s Advanced Intensive Audition Experience. It changed my life! Well, maybe not my life, but myContinue reading “Finding the Right Teacher”


How can I help you?

Recently, I took a commercial acting class with Bill Coelius, who has done over 40 national commercials and several cos-star roles on major series. (I highly recommend him as a teacher, by the way!) His life philosophy is lived out in asking the question(out-loud or silently), “How can I help you?” He uses this attitudeContinue reading “How can I help you?”

Are You Present?

Remember being in school, quietly sitting at your desk, and the teacher taking roll? Your teacher asks, “Charissa?” I answer, “Present, Mrs. Huff!” (Actually I was homeschooled so I didn’t call my mom, Mrs. Huff, and taking roll was more like rolling out of bed.) Okay, so maybe taking roll didn’t happen that way, butContinue reading “Are You Present?”