Interviewed by the Ballard News-Tribune!

As a part of being a Finalist for The Reel Deal, press releases went out to all of the local newspapers about this exciting opportunity. Seattle’s local paper, the Ballard News-Tribune, contacted me letting me know that they would love to do an interview. Last week, I was able to talk to Christy Wolyniak forContinue reading “Interviewed by the Ballard News-Tribune!”


The 48 Hour Film Project

This last weekend I did my second 48 Hour Film Project and, again, I had a blast! This time it was Horror themed, one of the first 48 hfp of that kind. At 7pm last Friday, the team leaders gathered to get their designated genre(Gothic/Vampire), character (Dr. Lyle Pentegrass), prop(a pineapple), and line of dialogue(“That’sContinue reading “The 48 Hour Film Project”