Saying, “No, thanks!”

My biggest career goal right now is to find theatrical representation. Don’t get me wrong, I have other goals and projects I am working on. I’m not waiting around, as if theatrical representation is the answer to all my problems… BUT I also know it’s a big step in the right direction! A couple monthsContinue reading “Saying, “No, thanks!””

Shakespeare’s Works in Progress

If you followed me on Instagram at all in 2014, you probably noticed that I was reading through all of Shakespeare’s Works. I am happy to say that I completed that goal in November, almost exactly a year after I started(with the exception of The Two Noble Kinsmen, which was not included in the editionContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Works in Progress”

A Dual Market Career- Published on!

  Dear friends, fans, followers, I am excited to announce that an article I wrote has been published! Bonnie Gillespie, an LA based indie casting director who writes a weekly column for, asked me to write about my experience working in two markets, Seattle and LA. I am honored to share my story with otherContinue reading “A Dual Market Career- Published on!”